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Hello dear ones,

I have three wonderful pieces of news to share! 


1. Serve & Be Social! Next Sunday, July 31, join me at Yoga NoMa at noon (or come to my 10:30 class right before) and we'll make lots and lots of PB&J sandwiches and pack lunches for So Others Might Eat, an amazing anti-poverty organization that operates a soup kitchen just half a mile from the studio where 400 people are served every day. Get to know your fellow yogis and practice karma yoga, the yoga of service. You can invite your friends to come through our facebook event, register for the class before here, or just show up! 

2. July 31 also happens to be my last Sunday 4 p.m. class at Extend Yoga (that's not the wonderful news), which will also be my last class before I take a real vacation (THIS IS THE WONDERFUL NEWS). Many thanks to the crew of teachers (Andrea, Sabina, Donna, Janet, Tali, Mary Lou, & Kara) who will be covering my public classes while I'm away. I'll be back to teaching August 10. And when I come back, it won't be too long before I teach my first workshop at Extend on Yin and Yang Yoga - join me August 28 at 3 p.m. and learn all about all the good things that happen when you balance all the moving around your mat in a vinyasa practice (yang) with chilling out in passive poses for 3-5 minutes (yin!). 

3. New Friday night class this fall: You heard it here first - I'm finally going to teach somewhere within walking distance of my apartment! Willow Street Yoga, Friday nights, 6:30 - 8 p.m., Slow Flow and Restore. We will peacefully say goodbye to the week and welcome the weekend starting September 23.