yoga @ work

Q: What do Steve Jobs, Evan Williams, and Arianna Huffington have in common?

A: They all benefitted from making mindfulness practices a part of their routine.

Do you have a conference room that is just begging to become a place for you and your coworkers to unwind during lunch or after work?  It's possible to make yoga and meditation a part of your workplace wellness program.

Since yoga is adaptable to the strengths, weaknesses and mobility concerns of every student, it is a great way to bring a population of varying ages and fitness levels together through a non-competitive physical activity. Anyone who spends more than a few hours a day in a chair in front of a computer (or on one's feet in front of customers) can benefit from learning ways to de-stress, breathe deep, and safely stretch and strengthen the hips, shoulders, and neck to help tolerate and reduce headaches and upper- and lower-back pain.

I have taught weekly classes at the government agencies, lobbying firms, and non-profit membership organizations; created morning movement and mindfulness sessions for professional conferences meeting in the D.C. area; and led 10-20 minute sessions of "Office Yoga: When Your Desk Chair is Your Yoga Mat" to D.C.-area consulting and tech firms, often during yearly health fairs. I'd be happy to design a program that would serve the needs of your organization. Use the form below or drop me a line at

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