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end of august news : on pain and attachment, yin and yang workshop, late summer nsfy playlist, stuff I’ve been eating, serve and be social, and more

pain, attachment, a playlist, a recipe, yin and yang yoga, serve and be social, literally everything i am doing this fall (that i know of)

As some of you know, I was recently in Glasgow to hold the huppah up at a good friend’s wedding and extended my visit by hiking the Great Glen Way, a 77-mile trek running along the lochs from Fort William to Inverness…in five days. The first few days on the trail were amazing – it had looked like there would be heavy rain every day on the forecast, but the clouds only drizzled here and there (ok, one time I got pretty soaked), and it was exciting to feel strong winds in the mountains propelling me forward. I’m fairly new to solo travel, and it felt like Mother Nature was protecting me and supporting my journey. {Yup, that’s the most woo-woo sentence I’ve ever written. It was a really good vacation.}

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