Summer of Seva Intention and Idea Outline

Intention, Process, Timeline, and Feedback Form for Summer 2016 service project

mantra: lokah samasta sukinoh bavantu

translation: may all beings be free from suffering, & may my thoughts, words & actions contribute to freedom for all


To provide a container for off-the-mat service and deepening of relationships between practitioners

To become a river that connects yogis through service

To provide a meaningful place to reflect on the alignment of our values and our actions



Set up meaningful, personal group volunteer projects with local nonprofits where people can talk! Across the area, and likely on Friday afternoons (many workplaces have half-days over summer, yes?)/evenings, Saturday afternoons, Sunday midday/afternoon, Mondays over Labor Day/Memorial Day?

  • Bread for the City -
    • from website: Bread for the City hosts a Free Farmers’ Market once per month at each of our service centers [NOTE: Shaw location? others?] in Washington, DC. Anyone in the community is welcome to visit these markets to receive a free bag of fresh produce. Volunteers help us to set up the outdoor markets and distribute produce directly to the community.

      Number of Volunteers Needed: 5-10

      We are currently seeking volunteers to help from 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM on the following dates:

    • Friday, January 29th
    • Friday, February 5th
    • Friday, February 26th
    • Friday, March 4th
    • Friday, March 25th
    • If interested, please contact or call 202-595-7865.

      Not finding what you’re looking for? Please contact a Volunteer Coordinator at or call 202-595-7865."

  • City Greens
  • Homeless Children’s Playtime Project
  •  Making sandwiches (could be at a studio?) for a food bank
  • Sorting clothes for interfaith works clothing center - clothing swaps at studios?
  • Environmental cleanup
  • Seniors
  • ASK places how they could use us

Clearly outline which projects would also welcome children or teens

 make a routeam/mind body online sign up thingy

schedule one seva get-together a week through the summer so there is a continuous way to get involved

promote through social media, studios/gyms


possible extra layer – ask people who can’t come to donate per person who shows up to encourage people to actually show up (ie if a donor gave $10 to organization per karma yogi and 12 people came to the service project, the organization would receive ~24 hours of hands-on help and $120…or more if many donors game small increments per head…if 18 people gave $1 per person etc)

possible extra layer – studios may wish to encourage participation by giving $5 off a drop in/10% off a class pack to all who serve, or have one free class/classpack given away at random to participants

empower students to become leaders – if they connect deeply with a project, would they wish to participate again, and/or eventuallybecome responsible for organizing follow-up projects at same nonprofit?


2016 Summer of Seva TIMELINE

-January – reach out to nonprofits & seek input from others

-February – develop schedule, reach out to studios

-March – Possibly early test of service project near spring break/Easter?

-April – spread word, encourage sign-ups

-May-August – SERVE! Possible Memorial Day kick-off/Labor Day ending celebration

-September – survey participants and non-profits, reflect



for potential participants

  • When would you be most likely to sign up for service projects? (Friday afternoon/evening, Saturday afternoon, Sunday midday/afternoon, other times (weekday afternoon/evening?)?)
  • Would you need projects to be metro accessible/parking available? Would you be open to carpooling if this is not possible?
  • Would you be more likely to attend an event at a studio? At a home? At a nonprofit?
  • Would you sign up even if studios did not offer you discounted classes in return?
  • Would you host a seva project in your home? (ie making sandwiches, clothing swap with clothes then going to interfaith works…other ideas for in-studio projects)
  • Would you like to assist in planning and recruiting participants?

for studio directors

  • Would you host a seva project at your studio? (ie making sandwiches, clothing swap with clothes then going to interfaith works…other ideas for in-studio projects)
  • Would you give $5 off a drop in or x% off a class-pack to participants? Larger discount to classes on your schedule that have a lot of space?

for nonprofits

  • How can we help?
  •  How many people would you need?
  • For how many hours?
  • How far in advance can we schedule?
  • Probably lots of other questions that I’m not even thinking of yet

Please send feedback using the form below!

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Would you describe yourself principally as a potential participant, studio partner, or nonprofit partner?