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visual cliff notes: make a regular practice possible + workshop survey

Have you ever gone to a yoga class, liked how you felt afterward, but couldn't remember what was so special about it when you tried to re-create your studio practice at home? I'm testing out a new tool that is meant to help you make your yoga practice consistent between in-person classes with me - videos! Since I teach a lot of unique movement in my yoga classes, I wanted to find a way to remind students of what we've done in class, and I'm hopeful that these will be a way to jumpstart your memory if you get to your mat at home and don't know what to do.

Unlike yoga videos that include verbal instruction, the hyperlapse videos that I've been sharing on facebook and youtube show a sped-up version of a yoga practice. They provide the visual cliff notes of a yoga class - it's up to you to use them to guide your experience at your own speed. Did you love the bridge and locust variations we used to teach our glutes how to engage and support us in asymmetrical ways last week? Then give this video a look and try them again on your own.

Let me know how it goes - and if you're looking for more, you can become one of my one on one students and I'll design a practice around exactly what you need + give you written notes about what we work on each week :)

Workshop Survey

I'm doing a bit of workshop scheduling and could use your feedback - can you take 4 minutes and fill out this survey? It'll help me figure when, where, and what we should dive into! Check it out:

I can tell you that the next workshop will be Thanksgiving Day at Yoga Bliss in Gaithersburg. Sign up now and save, and get excited for some sweet self-massage, agni-igniting (aka digestion helping :) ) flow, and strength-building through innovative prop usage in traditional postures.